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Saturday, August 30, 2008



Wow! Two blog entries in one week ... AND new pictures! I can see why Andy doesn't blog very often. Keeping up with 80 BLOGS would do me in. I'm impressed that he can stay on top of them all. It sounds like there have been some fun times around the Crouch house lately. Way to go Cooper and Daddy ... it's most certainly time to teach Collin the proper way to eat Oreos. And it looks like he was a FAST learner. I cracked up when I saw my 2 little chocoholics (oops ... that should be 3!) with their cute crummy faces. Thanks, Dad, for teaching them well! Seeing the pictures of little man Collin makes me realize we really don't have a baby any longer. (sigh!!!!!!!) I do miss having a baby around, but he and Cooper are having far more fun together these days. Now he's big enough to fuss and fight with Cooper like a REAL brother. LOL! Thanks to Momma AND Daddy for all the fun updates this week ... and especially for the pictures!


andy,carrie, cooper, collin we enjoy your blog and pic/s. we are busy with our toys these days [150 tenants] we want to congradulate you on the new job in indiania [just another step up the ladder] i am sure you will like the chalenge, we glad for you .the cats didnot hit the birds too hard ,did they. ha ha talk to you later, love you,granddad

Kimberly Dillingham

I am on a roll today - I have posted comments on Granny&papa's blog, Rhonda&Larry's blog, and now Andy&Carrie Beth's blog!!! I have enjoyed reading all the comments and viewing the pictures and videos so much today!!! I am at home this week doing absolutely nothing - I feel like a Lady of Leisure!! It feels very strange not helping hang wallpaper, painting, or preparing the the wedding!!! Andy - I really think that your mother is paying Carrie Beth's boss to send her out of town so that she can come up and watch the boys!! ha!! My day is now complete since I have commented on all the blogs!! ha!! ha!! Take care!!


We were glad to get Wi Fi again and be able to see the pictures and updates from all of you. Mim said Andy had a good week with his new job. Sure glad as it really helps to enjoy what you are dong. Just can not imagene the things Collin is doing and how quick both boys are growing up. We are at River Walk RV Park in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. The weather is lovely here and we had a shower or rain last ight. We intend to rest & wash clothes today and look around town tomorrow and probably leave Friday for Spokane WA which is not far away. We are really enjoying our trip and seeing things we never dreamed of seeing. Take care and I need to get to our blog, I see what you mean about having to take time to update. Love Papa and granny

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