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Saturday, February 02, 2008



Thank you! Thank you! I was so anxious to see that little video. I need Cooper at my school to read the Pigeon book to some of my classes. He does a better job than I do with that book. LOL! He's certainly expressive. I hope it wasn't very hard to post that to You Tube because you've now created a Mim Monster. I would love for Pop to be able to see Cooper shimmying up into his upper bunk. He cracks me up doing that. It makes me question my thoughts about evolution because I do believe that child is part monkey! And you KNOW how I need a Collin fix every now and then. I need a little video of him when he gets really tickled. Every time I hear him laugh so hard, I end up laughing too. That giggle of his is the perfect antidote for a bad day around here. Thanks again ... you made my day!


Hey! I thought I liked the Lucy movies but this beats them all to pieces. What a good job my Cooper does reading. I love it. More More I can't get enough. We also would like a Collin movie too. It sure makes our day. I just want to get a hold of them and squeeze tight. Thank you so much to take your valuable time to post these for us to enjoy. It is soooo thoughtful of you. Will be watching for more. Hugs Granny


The pigeon rocks my socks. Remember, DON'T LET THE PIGEON DRIVE THE BUS. Very important business there.


Did I mention what a cool friend (or aunt) Cooper must have to introduce him to Mo Willems and the Pigeon? I'm just saying, she must be pretty rockin' herself.

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