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Wednesday, April 19, 2006



Sounds like you have an extremely FUN weekend coming up. You may be nuts, but you're making lots of terrific memories. The kids will have a blast. And they'll be so tired when they get home that they'll sleep for ages (good for Mommies and Daddies!!). I enjoyed the new pictures of the Cooper boy and I happen to think his stripey pjs are just too cute!

Papa Jimmy

"Corn Dogs" Andy you are really tempting me, I bet you don't have many left over,we hope you all have a beautiful day and not too much rain.Be sure and take a baggie so the dogs won't get wet if it rains. Tell Cooper to eat a dog for Pappa.


Rain?? Did Papa say rain? It just so happens that we had one of the most beautiful days of the year on Saturday. It made for a terrific Saturday. I sure hope you all survived the day with the children. It sure was busy trying to get out of there. Luckily a friend of mine lives in Old Louisville and we were able to walk there and back. The show was great and as I said before, the weather could not have been better. Bring on the rest of the events. Andy, let me know if you guys are planning to go to any more of the events. Maybe Thursday or Friday we can get together. I am not sure what all events are happening, I will have to check into it. Anyhow, talk to you guys later. The green PJs are great by the way. Just don;t let him see the pictures when he gets older. Just playing guys. Take care. Love to all.


I was glad to get to see the Thunder pics. Looked like everyone was havig a GREAT time. How could you NOT have fun where airplanes, fireworks, corndogs and ice cream are involved????? It seems that gorgeous sunshine made everyone pretty warm. And it looks like "MY baby" got sunburned ... AGAIN. I wish I could have seen Cooper watching the Jay Jays. And I'm sure all the kiddos were really into the fireworks. What a fabulous day and terrific memories!

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