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Sunday, April 16, 2006



So glad to see you apparently had such a fun Easter. The egg dying sure brings back a lot of memories. Papa asked me if I was coloring any this year that he bought an extra dozen. I told him he is getting a little old for that so we just forgot it. I don't feel left out now that I have colored them with Cooper and his Mom. The pictures are great and I can't believe one little fellow can have so many different facial expressions. I look and wonder what is on that little mind. It is probably best we don't know. It looked like he and Lolo were having fun. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.
Hugs Granny


Looks like Cooper really got into the egg dyeing! Are his and Momma's hands still all the pretty colors? I hear he had a fun Easter weekend. He looked like one happy kid in the picture of him and Lori. That was a great picture! Thanks for sharing the Easter pics.

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