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Wednesday, April 12, 2006



It was nice to see you posting again. I had already read the discussion on Shane's blog and found it quite interesting. I'm looking forwwrd to seeing Cooper's new room and CB's new pantry. You two were busy, busy, busy while we vacationed with Cooper. I don't believe you had near as much fun as WE did! But you need to have a talk with your son ... he spoiled his Mim and Pop rotten while we were gone. I think he broke the Grandparents! LOL! Our house is terribly quiet these days.


Was so excited to see you have posted again. I was getting worried. I really enjoyed this one. Will be anxious to see Coopers room. I know it will be really masculine and cute and that he will be very proud of it. I won't tell him I promise. I am excited about Carrie's Pantry also. Where is she going to put it? I can see why you were so busy but glad you could accomplish so much. We are really proud of Carrie and her good fortune at work. She deserves everthing nice she gets. Also we are so proud of you and your stand for the Lord. Shane's blog was very interesting. I could hardly believe these were the two mischievious little boys I remember, thinking so deeply and wisely about the Lord and His work. I can remember it has not been too long since I was worried about you and your buddies and praying for you. God is so good. Thank you for the S.S. material you sent me. It has been a great help. We are so anxious to see you again and get to talk to Cooper. He, like the rest of our greats, is so precious. I am so thankful for each of you grandkids and now the GREATGRANDS. Have a Happy Easter.
Hugs to all.

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