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Thursday, March 24, 2005



Well it sounds like you've had quite a week. It's good to hear that Kenneth and Emma Lou were able to make it up for the weekend to visit with Cooper. I'm sure you all had a great time. I hope Cooper gets to feeling better soon, as well as "Cooper's Dad".
I hope we have a big turnout at the church on Easter Sunday. And when there is, I will know it's because of dedicated people such as yourself.
As for Louisville, I did think they looked pretty good on Thursday. They had me scared a little in the first half, but overall they looked great. I still think they will improve even more against WV. Should be another great game. In light of how the tournament has been going, I will have you know that I will be pulling for the Cats tonight. That will make it the first time all season, sorry for that Larry. They have a hard road ahead of them though.
I'm really looking forward to going to church with you all on Sunday. And now I'm even more excited. I'm just now hearing about the whole smoked turkey breast, and man does it sound good. I hope you and Carrie enjoy your night out with your friends. Can't wait to see you all.

Aunt Wori

Well, it's a tough job, but somebody's gotta love the baby. I missed Cooper's first haircut, but his one year old pictures were fun! Cooper and I are used to going to the mall without mommy on Fridays, so she cramped our style a bit, and Cooper got kinda fussy. (I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that he didn't get a morning nap.) To add insult to injury, the mommy made us leave the big playground boat to go get pictures. That was just rude. The morning ended with me seeing my own failures, though. For his 1st Birthday pictures, the photographer had asked that CB bring in a mini cake for Cooper to play in. I have failed in my duties as "bestest aunt in the whole wide world" because I never have taught Cooper how to lay into a cake. He sort've touched it, then got all choked up over it. It was sad indeed. I'm going to have to do a better job of teaching Cooper about the finer things in life.


HI! Well I'll try this again. I commented on it last night but something happened, it never was posted. Hope little Cooper is feeling better and "Cooper's Dad" too. Hope Cooper's Mama doesn't catch it. Was glad to know Kenneth and Emma Lou got to come see you and Cooper. I know they had a good time. So glad to hear about the enthusiasm over church. I'm proud Jason, Brett, Lori, Amy, and your friends are going with you. I believe you have been pretty busy. If all the others does as well you won't even have standing room will you? It is sweet of you to have them to your house for lunch also. Sounds like Jason is excited about a home cooked meal any way. Way to go Jason. I'm sorry your baby sitter is not doing her job loving the baby and teaching him important things he should know. You may have to hunt another one. Be sure to post pictures of Cooper's first haircut. I know he will really look like a little boy now instead of our baby. Tell Cooper Granny beat him in having a birthday party. I have had the best birthday ever. I have never been sung to so much. All our children took us to Willow Pond for dinner and Jayla got to go with Nana and Papaw and she made sure all sang to me at the restaurant. Good girl, don't let them neglect Granny. Rhonda and Larry come over and watched the UK ballgame with us and that was the icing on the cake. A very happy ending to a wonderful day. Andy be careful about volunteering for things. It can get you into trouble believe me I know. See you soon. Papa is sure anxious to see his Cooper as he hasn't seen him since Carrie brought him by when they were home. I don't think soon will be soon enough for him.

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