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Saturday, March 12, 2005



SNOW??? The weather in Western KY - Ballard - Beautiful sunshine & warmer temperatures!!! It's wonderful here today. Drew & Brady will have a great day playing outside.
Good luck on your truck shopping. The girls & I are planning a little shopping trip to Paducah. I think Andy is planning to watch the KY ballgame & play with the kids today.
Granny, Aunt Rhonda, Uncle Larry...hello! Hope that Granny & Carrie Beth have a great scrapping day! Aunt Rhonda, I know you'll have a great day with little Cooper. He's getting so big...and he's so adorable! I can't wait to see him again.
Hope that you guys all have a great day!!!


I myself couldn't believe the snow when I returned to Louisville yesterday afternoon. I was in Mayfield over the weekend, and the weather was absolutely beautiful. Jayla and I had a great time playing outside all day. Then as I got back into Louisville, I couldn't believe my eyes. Although, as Andy put it, it was a perfect snow. There was nothing on the road to cause a concern as to my trip to Versailles this morning. Anyhow, Andy I'm sure you'll enjoy this, and well Larry not so much. I really only have about four more words to say. How about them Cats????

P.S. Don't you UK fans get your panties twisted too much. That was merely a joke to tease you die hard fans. As for my Cards, well you saw what happened. Not in the prettiest way by far, but a wins a win.



Here's the real funny thing. The snow that you saw when you drove in last night wasn't the snow that I wrote about in this blog. That snow was gone by Saturday afternoon, and then we got a couple more inches in just a few hours last night. I went into the office around 3:00 yesterday after the UK game, and when I left at 9:30, my car and the ground was COVERED in snow, about 2 inches or more. Crazy.


Whoa, Jason ... I thought we were talking about SNOW here. Believe me when I say the mention of Cats is NOT a COLD subject. LOL! I'm not sure where you saw the Cats yesterday though - I'm afraid all I saw was some kittens. I sure hope the Cats make an appearance this week.


Andy & Carrie, just want to say thanks for a great weekend. I realy enjoyed the scrapbooking, the good food, getting to go to church with you, and best of all the play time with little Cooper, (I have to say little while I can, it won't last much longer he is growing so fast). He has really change since I last saw him and has really developed his own personality. They just grow up too fast. I appreciated staying with Lori and spending time with her. The hospitality was wonderful and greatly appreciated. I appreciate this blog deal also. I not only hear from you and feel a part of your lives, but also Jason and Stephanie. This is great! Thanks for the opportunity of visiting with all of you.

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