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Sunday, March 20, 2005



What about them Cardinals? Was that an amazing game or what? The first half was by far the best I've seen them play. 67% from the field, thats just amazing. Sweet 16, here we come. Lets just hope they can get it done against them Huskies.


I'm glad you had pretty weather for the Easter Egg hunt and had a good time. I'm glad Cooper's Daddy enjoyed himself even if Cooper wasn't interested. How many eggs did you find? Did you get the prize. I don't think you could have had so much fun without participating. At least you did better than Granny. Not being at church Sun. before last I didn't realize Sat. was Jayla's egg hunt at our church. It was the one of the few things Jamie has asked for her to be taken to by Nana and I found out about it this Sun. Too late, but Nana wasn't able to take her as she had her round of IV's and was down with the after effects which are not at all pleasant. Better luck next year. That just proves you can't depend on Granny's. Sure hope Cooper's cough is better and I have no idea what his birthday present from Nana is. I'm sure he will enjoy riding in it though. I am so glad to get the pictures thank you so much for sharing with us. We can never get enough from Cooper's Daddy and Mama so keep them coming. Before you blink twice you will have your identy back and long to be Cooper's Daddy again.

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