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Sunday, March 06, 2005



I'm glad you enjoyed the Dave Ramsey seminar. Sounds like you had lots of neat things going on last weekend. Dad noticed an article in Saturday's Murray newspaper telling about a 4 week class for students and parents that will be taught with the Dave Ramsey materials and videos. I think I read that his materials are also going to be incorporated into one of the classes at Murray High School. I'll bring that paper next weekend and let you read it.

I'm glad to hear my Cooper buddy is feeling like his old self again. I'll bet he's tired after a fun weekend playing with Nana and Jack. Tell him to rest up real good so he'll be ready to play with me next weekend.


Thanks Andy, I thought I had completely lost it. This is much better and easier for me to read. You are doing great. Keep up the good work. I'm glad not only for you and Cooper but for Carrie Beth as well that the class is over. I know she was really loaded down. What is my little Cooper doing now? Something new I'm sure. I'm so glad he is feeling better. Hope all the sickness is over for all of you for the rest of the year. Keep me straight if you can and I love getting the news about you and your family.

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