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Tuesday, March 29, 2005



Isn't it funny how these little creatures can mamipulate us at the worse times? Bless his little heart, new cloths he didn't want , and a switch off to a strange class and strange teacher must have been a horrifying experience for him. I can remember when Ricky would cry after our preacher and he stood and preached several Wed. nights with him on his hip. Next time you might be able to just hold him tight so he knows he is not deserted and teach the lesson. I wouldn't think anyone would object. Kiss him and tell him his Granny loves him and would never forsake him. See you in a few days and can hardly wait. It already seems like a year since I last saw you. By the way thanks for the photos of Cooper's 1st haircut. They are precious and he looks like such a big boy now. I really like it though. I believe I will be able to remember when he got his 1st haircut as it was on my land mark birthday Ha.

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