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Wednesday, March 09, 2005



It sounds like you had quite a night! Are all the members of your FAITH team in your Sunday School class? Hang in there ... with your great attitude your visits are sure to be more productive in the future. I'm glad you're enjoying this experience.


Andy I am so proud of you just for being faithful and trying. I know the Lord will bless your efforts. Visitation is a great and rewarding work and an answer to the command the Lord gave us. After all He did not save us to sit bck and keep it to ourselves. I know this happened for a reason and I feel you will be better prepared and have better luck next time. Keep up the good work and know that I will be praying for you.


Sounds like you had quite an interesting experience. The effort alone was enough to be proud of. I'm glad to hear that you are becoming so involved in your church home. Sounds like you are your team had a great time just getting to know one another, and thats reason enough to say that the night wasn't a waste. Hopefully the next trip will be better for you and your team. Continue working hard.

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